Duke Kreyòl Courses

Duke is currently offering two Kreyòl courses: Haitian Creole for the Haitian Recovery and Kreyòl Studies II. In the spring of 2011, Jacques Pierre will be teaching Haitian Creole for the Haitian Recovery, Kreyòl Studies II, and Kreyòl III (this latter class will be taught with Deborah Jenson, by group independent study).

If you would like to study Kreyòl at Duke, but are not a student, please contact Prof. Jacques Pierre at jacques.pierre@duke.edu. We are seeking names of interested persons for a potential Duke Continuing Education class in Kreyòl, starting as soon as we have a full roster of students. Spread the word!

French and Creole studies are historically linked through the history of French colonialism in the New World arena, just as Creole and African studies are linked through the African heritage salient in Haitian language, religion, music and dance, etc. Creole studies are also linked to American studies as Haitian-Americans and Haitian migrants play an increasingly prominent role in U.S. culture; simultaneously, Americans are flocking to Haiti in ever greater numbers for work in NGO’s, missions, journalism, academic research, business investments, and, increasingly, relief work.

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