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Pou ki sa Duvalier te retounen ann Ayiti? Li bezwen lajan. Why did Duvalier return to Haiti? He needs money.

Posted by: Christy Mobley | January 21, 2011 | No Comment |

Jodi a, kèk jounalis te fè konnen li ta sanble  Duvalier te tounen ann Ayiti paske li gen bezwen lajan.  Kwak li gen si milyon dola nan yon bank Swis, Otorite nan peyi Laswis pa vle ba li lajan sa a toutotan lajistis ayisyen pa deklare Duvalier se pa yon kriminèl.  Kon sa,  li ta sanble Duvalier retounen nan Ayiti ak lespwa Lajistis ayisyen p ap kondane li, epi pran lajan li gen k ap dòmi nan bank Swis lan.

Several journalists are reporting today that Duvalier returned to Haiti because he needs money.  Though he currently has six million dollars in a Swiss bank, Swiss officials will not release the money to him unless it is clear he is not considered a criminal in Haiti.  Therefore, he may have returned to Haiti hoping to clear his name and gain access to his Swiss accounts.

Some see cash a motivation in Duvalier’s Return (NYT)

“Though Mr. Duvalier has long been accused of looting $300 million from Haiti before fleeing nearly 25 years ago, his lawyers and friends have said that much of his money was squandered on a lavish lifestyle of jewelry, chateaus, fancy cars and a very expensive divorce from his ex-wife.

Just this week, one of Mr. Duvalier’s lawyers said that when his client was hauled before a Haitian court and asked how he supported himself, Mr. Duvalier responded: “With the help of friends.”

But about $6 million still sits frozen in an account in Switzerland, and Mr. Duvalier has publicly vowed to make every effort to get it. Haitian officials, human rights advocates and political analysts believe that Mr. Duvalier came back to the country last weekend for the sole purpose of making an end run around a new law that will make it harder for him to do that.”

What’s driving ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier’s return from exile?  (Globe and Mail)

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