Aug 18

International Integrity

Welcome to Duke, Class of 2018! Today, Duke students from around the world gathered in small group sessions to discuss honor, integrity, and the Duke Community Standard during International House Orientation.IMG_2046 IMG_2044 IMG_2043 IMG_2042 IMG_2041 IMG_2040 IMG_2039 IMG_2038 IMG_2037 International House Orientation

Apr 27

Honor Council partners with International House for Class of 2018′s Orientation

International students convene for International Orientation before the official First-Year Orientation begins, so as to have some additional time to adjust to the new surroundings and culture in the USA. Duke Honor Council will be hosting a break-out session during International Orientation in which academic and social integrity will be discussed in small group settings. The goal of this initiative is to encourage international students, who likely come from very different cultural backgrounds, to think critically about ethical issues and make informed decisions as they begin their life at Duke University.

Apr 27

Dessert for Thought 2014

On April 15th, Honor Council hosted its annual event, “Dessert for Thought,” in GA Down Under. Nine incredible panelists presented to a crowd of students eager to discuss ethical dilemmas at Duke and beyond.

A huge thank you to our wonderful panelists: Mayor Bill Bell, William Wright-Swadel, Ph.D., Stephanie Helms Pickett, Ed.D., Li-Chen Chin, Ph.D., Robert Lefkowitz, M.D., Meredith Casper, Elaine Bushfan, J.S.C., Stephen Kelly, and Dan Ariely, Ph.D. (in order of panel from left to right).

Also, thank you very much to all of the ladies and gents who attended! We hope you enjoyed the event!!

Please check our Facebook page for event photos.

Jan 14

#DukeEncourage Campaign

In need of some inspiration? Or want to spread the love and share your own encouragement with the Duke community? Be sure to swing by the Bryan Center Plaza and check out the #DukeEncourage wall!

Click here for more information on the campaign and its history.IMG_5088IMG_5092

Jan 03

Weekly Meetings

Each week, the Honor Council meets to plan and discuss upcoming projects, as well as how to generate conversation about honor, integrity, and moral courage around campus.

Have an idea or topic to propose? Share with us at

Dec 29

Dessert for Thought 2013

The Honor Council held an event at the Nasher Museum in the Spring of 2013 to talk about issues of identity and mobility. The keynote speaker was Jimmy Soni, T‘07, Managing Editor of the Huffington Post website. He spoke about his path from Duke to the consulting industry and finally to media. Students then rotated in groups from table to table and had fifteen-minute discussions with faculty members and administrators about group identity and the ability for social mobility both on Duke’s campus and beyond.



Dec 29

Duke Encourage

Duke Encourage was a post-it note and Twitter campaign to help build morale and foster a sense of community on campus in the Spring of 2013. The notes were stuck on walls and billboards all around campus and featured inspirational messages. Students were encouraged to take notes with them and tweet about their notes using #DukeEncourage. The second phase of the campaign was to paint one of the construction walls on the Bryan Center Plaza with uplifting quotes, sayings, or notes to other community members. The campaign received a lot of positive feedback.

During finals week this year, Councilors braved the cold to paint one of the construction walls of the Bryan Center (pictured below). The campaign will kick off for 2014 during Spring term. Be sure to stop by the Plaza to add your own encouraging note!! More details to follow.

Dec 29


A campaign that was initiated in the Spring of 2012 to bring into question some seemingly commonplace occurrences in Duke Undergraduate student life, both academic and extracurricular. The enigmatic acronym of YBTT was posted all around campus with no actual explanation as to what the letters meant, everywhere from the bus stop, to dorms, to all over campus. The meaning of the letters, “You’re Better Than That,” was released to the student body at the end of the week in a Chronicle column.

Dec 29


Each Fall, the Honor Council goes on a retreat to bond with each other and, specifically, to welcome the new members to the Council. In 2012, the retreat was to the P-WILD ropes course in the Duke Forest, and in 2013, the Council ventured into the wilderness for an overnight camping trip in the Eno River State Park.


Dec 29

O-Week Excitement

 Each Orientation Week, the Honor Council hosts information sessions and sets up a booth at the Activities Fair to try to recruit interested freshmen to apply for the Council. This past O-Week, freshmen excitedly answered questions about the Council to win Honor Council schwag, like the bro tank pictured below.

don't be shadydon't be shady shirt from back


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