N562: Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Course Title: Applied Genomics and Personalized Medicine for Clinical Care

Course Listing: School of Nursing (N562, 2-credit)


Instructors: Allison Vorderstrasse, DNSc, APRNSara H Katsanis, MS and Jennifer R Dungan, PhD RN

Course Description:  The focus of the course is on the clinical application of genomics for the prevention, prognosis, and treatment of complex disease states. Health professionals will acquire knowledge and skills to evaluate genomic and personalized medicine applications to clinical practice. Learning approaches will include didactic lectures, case studies, and exploration of actual genomic test results.

Course Objectives:

  1. Analyze the purpose, strengths and limitations of current and emerging genome technologies for clinical and personal applications.
  2. Evaluate genomic approaches for risk assessment, and prevention, prognosis and treatment of complex multifactorial disease states.
  3. Identify strategies for communicating genetic/genomic risk to patients and families.
  4. Discuss characteristics of personalized medicine and its impact on health care.

Major Topics: Through evaluation of actual genomic test results or personal genome option the learner will explore the following:

  • Foundational concepts in genomics
  • Principles of genomic technologies and testing
  • Non-genomic approaches for personalized medicine
  • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) applications of genomics
  • Clinical applications of genomics
  • Genomic risk assessment and communication



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