“[>1 Self]” by Jarvis

Three freshman Duke students face challenges during a “day in the life” but come together to overcome that challenge through companionship, music, and working hard.

Winner of Best Score – Serges Himbaza and Yoon Choi, People’s Choice

“You Have No Idea” by Randolph

If my Freshman year were a movie genre, what would it be?

Winner of Best Editor and Director – Alex Elliott

“As We Are” by Alspaugh

Three students from completely different walks of life become friends through the power of Duke Basketball.

Winner of Best Story – Clive Mudanda and Megan Pearson

“True Life: I Go To Duke” by Blackwell

Three Freshman tell incoming student what Duke is like.

Winner of Best Actress – Tiana Horn

“Free Falling” by Bell Tower

Even the strongest break.

Winner of Best Actor – Ashwin Kommajesula

“Dear Diary” by Epworth

A student comes to terms with life in Duke and finds her life falling into place.

“GA and Proud” by Gilbert-Addoms

With little time and resources, the residents of Gilbert-Addoms band together to exemplify the freshman experience by simply filming the antics of a typical night.

“Perfectly Imperfect” by Aycock

Four first-year Duke students find that it is completely okay to be imperfect.


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