“d(U)ke” by Pegram

A college freshman discovers how he fits into the community here at Duke, or in this case, d(U)ke, with a capital YOU.

Winner of Best Director – King Lu, Best Actor – Tre’Ellis Scott, People’s Choice, and Best Movie

“The Search” by Epworth

Three freshman search for their niche as college students

Winner of Best Editor – Harish Chatrathi, Best Score – Dylan Robbins

“Max & Mira” by Alspaugh

Two freshman find new friendship and come closer to success and happiness at Duke.

Winner of Best Actress – Adriana Froehlich

“#awkward” by Bell Tower

A Bell Tower girl’s quest to find Epworth leads to unexpected lessons on Duke’s culture.

Winner of Best Story – Lauren Devendorf

“Top of the Crass” by Jarvis

There’s more to college than party rocking.

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