Froshlife Production Resources

  • – Froshlife has partnered up with to provide you with all the training you could possibly need to produce your movie.  Hours of video tutorials for iMovie and Final Cut are available for free.
  • Consent Form – Anyone intentionally included in your film must fill out and sign this form.
  • Froshlife Help at the MPS – For help at any time throughout the competition, consult the Multimedia Project Studio. You can visit the lab during our staffed hours, visible here, to talk with a consultant who can help you with your project.
  • Wireless Microphone Setup – Use this microphone to achieve high-quality audio in your production.
  • Final Preparations – All the final steps you need to take to prepare your movie for submission to the Froshlife Planning Team, including tech specs for exporting your movie from iMovie or Final Cut.

Questions? Contact the Froshlife Team.