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Taking Stock of Froshlife…

The Froshlife Program has been around for just over 11 years here at Duke, and filled a valuable niche of programming for First year students. Not only did the documentary film festival capture a glimpse of student life, but it was a way to bring residence halls together, tap into the creativity of our first-year […]

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An Amazing Froshlife Premiere…

Some serious congratulations are in order. Last Friday, March 1, we hosted an incredibly successful Froshlife 2013 Premiere Night.  The crowd was great, Tre’ was a fabulous (and stylin’) host, Duke University Improv kept everyone laughing, and of course, the films of the first-year class did not disappoint. Jarvis’ film “[>1 Self]” (the brackets are […]

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Why Tre’ Ellis Scott Loves Froshlife

If I had to put my finger on one landmark experience of my first-year at Duke, it would definitely be Froshlife. Froshlife is a film competition between first-year residence halls that showcases some aspect of student life. Now, anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of competition. But, I would be the first to […]

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Miss us at the Study Breaks?

Well, Froshlife season is officially open.  Earlier this week, donuts in hand, we visited each of East Campus’ residence halls to get the word out about Froshlife.  Now that finals are winding down, it’s the perfect time to cozy up with a hot chocolate and think about what your Froshlife story is going to be […]

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Ok, so what is Froshlife, exactly?

I assume that because you’re here, you’re at least somewhat piqued by the idea of Froshlife.  Maybe you got a flyer at an event, or saw a post on facebook, or just heard about Froshlife from a friend; but in any case, I’ll take this opportunity to explain, start to finish, what exactly this whole […]

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Froshlife Website Gets a Facelift

We’ve shed some weight, lightened things up a bit, and are feeling very svelte in our new skin here on the Froshlife website. All the important information is still there, but hopefully a bit simpler to find and easier on the eyes. It’s a precursor of lots of awesomeness go come.  For now, make sure […]

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Congrats to Everyone for a Successful Premiere!

Congratulations are in order for all the Froshlife participants this year.  We had a good crowd, some great entertainment, and of course, the movies were fantastic. The first order of business the day after the Premiere is to dole out some well-deserved congratulations to some excellent standouts from last night.  Pegram came away the big […]

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Final Weekend of Production

There’s only 4 days left in this quick production period – and today begins the final weekend you’ll have to work on your movies.  Many an incredible Froshlife movie has been written, acted, filmed and edited in the final weekend of Froshlife, so even if you haven’t gotten too far, don’t worry, you’re probably not […]

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Notes from a Former Froshlifer, Part 2 – Billy Baumgartner

Today is the second installment of a few words of wisdom from two former Froshlifers.  Today’s note is from Billy Baumgartner, whose film “Chroma” cleaned up last year’s awards ceremony, winning Best Movie, People’s Choice, and Best Editing.  Here’s Billy’s note:   Dear Spielbergs, Bigelows, Fujimotos, Zimmers, DiCaprios, and Hepburns: (I’ll give you a moment […]

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Notes from a Former Froshlifer, Part 1 – Andy Chu

Today and tomorrow I’ll be posting a few words of wisdom from two former Froshlifers.  First up is Andy Chu, who wrote the music for last year’s amazing musical “Apples.”  Here’s Andy’s note:   Dearest Freshlings, So by now, you’ve probably discovered just how rough it can be making a short film in 10 days […]

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