Notes from a Former Froshlifer, Part 1 – Andy Chu

Today and tomorrow I’ll be posting a few words of wisdom from two former Froshlifers.  First up is Andy Chu, who wrote the music for last year’s amazing musical “Apples.”  Here’s Andy’s note:


Dearest Freshlings,

So by now, you’ve probably discovered just how rough it can be making a short film in 10 days when the amount of free time in your schedule is already less than the seven-minute limit on your video. This week last year, my dormmates and I in Pegram (that one with the music and the people with the voices) were scrambling around campus with a camera, a tripod, and an open laptop with feeble speakers, waking up at 7 am to catch the morning sun, negotiating with the bus driver lady to wait for our director’s signal, trying to get shots of the Chapel without getting the massive horde of people celebrating the Lunar New Year right next to the Chapel.

That week was crazy, and if you’re anything like us, this week must be crazy too. And you’re tired. And you have homework. And practice. For that club. And that intramural. And you have to do laundry. Go to a meeting. Update Facebook. And–oh, crap, was that the last C-1? Now you won’t get back to East for, like, TWENTY MINUTES.

Rest assured that, with luck, it will only get crazier, and on that note, a few tips, observations, and opinions:

1. Editing takes forever. Do not be alarmed. This is normal. Actually, editing’s great, since you actually get to see your work come together. But it really take forever. My director and I barely slept the night before it was due, and we skipped class to finish it. Which leads us to . . .

2. Sleep and class can wait. Maybe Michael’s not allowed to tell you this, but unless this sentence is censored, I think I am. The amount of work your video presents may be huge, but you have more time than you think if you prioritize. And I’m not telling you to miss class–I’m just telling you not to miss the epic awesomeness which is Froshlife, which is (among other things) a great opportunity to . . .

3. Actually get to know your dorm. There’s usually one or two film buffs in a dorm, and they often take command of the fleet, which is really great. But the coolest thing about Froshlife is that, if you do it right, you can come away with a greater trophy and tribute to the character of your dorm than a painted bench. Which means you all can . . .

4. Go to the premiere. It’s awesome. Just go.

So, yeah. Good luck.


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