Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 4.33.44 PMThe Duke Campus Farm is a one-acre fruit and vegetable operation dedicated to serving the Duke community with fresh, healthy, sustainable produce and providing an educational facility around all things food related. Since DCF was founded in fall 2010 it has blossomed into a fully functional farm providing thousands of pounds of produce each year to campus dining halls, working with classes across the academic spectrum, and exposing hundreds of students and community members to the joys and hard work of growing real food. To see just how far we’ve come in the past few years, check out the 2013 Annual Report.

Summer 2014

After a long spring, summer seems to have arrived pretty abruptly, and with it, our new farm manager. Saskia Cornes took the helm at the Duke Campus Farm in June, and since then, the season has kept us pretty busy – delivering weekly produce to our CSA customers and local restaurants, converting one of our sheds into a walk-in cooler, setting up a more extensive irrigation system, and getting ready to expand both our land base and our academic reach come fall. We’re also thrilled to be speaking at this year’s Sustainable Agriculture Education conference, and hosting campus farmers from all over the country at the beginning of August.


Fall semester 2014 is quickly approaching, and we plan to greet the new year with another contra dance beneath the stars! Tune into our Facebook page for more details as the school year starts. We will celebrate one year with our beautiful community pavilion, which has expanded our capacity to host both educational and social events throughout the year.


dcfmodelVIEW1 copy

Draft plan for pavilion and storage shed

More than 150 students and community members danced under the stars in September 2013 to celebrate our new pavilion.

More than 150 students and community members danced under the stars in September 2013 to celebrate our new pavilion. We hosted a second dance to close the spring 2014 semester, and plan to make the semester events a tradition!








Beyond growing food and teaching students about sustainable agriculture, the farm strives to create a truly welcoming, creative and close-knit community that interns affectionately call the “farm family”.  DCF has become a place of learning, growing, eating, cooking and creating together and for many, a home away from home.