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Introducing the 2013-2014 SWE Executive Board!

As the year rounds into a close, we have the great pleasure of introducing our 2013-2014 Executive Board members!


President: Isabelle Brogna

Vice President: Victoria Png

Secretary: Cynthia Bai

Treasurer: Katya Gorbacheva

Recruitment Chair: Claire Alligood

Public Relations Chair: Lucy Dawson

Industry and Alumni Relations Chair: Shanice Mclean

Career and Professional Development Chair: Crystal Chukwurah

Outreach Chair: Ifeoma Anyansi

Social Chair: Michelle Seywald

Webmaster: Maggie Lin


Congrats to our newest Executive Board! Thank you to all the wonderful girls who ran and everyone who showed up in support!

Duke SWE Elections, Apply by SUNDAY!

That’s right, Duke SWE is ready for some administrative change-ups. Elections will be held Sunday, April 1, and you can run for three positions! The positions up for election are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Recruitment and Public Relations, Industry and Alumni Relations, Academic and Professional Development, Outreach Chair, Social Chair, and Webmaster. That’s 120 possible combinations of positions you could be applying for!!

If you are interested, please send a platform (why you want the position, your qualifications, etc.) for each position you’re applying for to Rachel by March 18. It is suggested that meet with the person currently holding the position you are applying for, and for this information as well as info on what is expected by each member of SWE exec, please head to .

Our Calendar is a Google Calendar!

Overwhelmed by manually adding all of our sweet events into your own Google calendar?  Don’t be!  Duke SWE’s calendar is also a Google calendar, so you can download all those fabulous opportunities with the click of a few buttons. Thank goodness for technology!

SWE Textbook Exchange

As the semester gets started, plan on buying from and selling your textbooks to SWE members!  Chances are, an upperclassman has a book you’ll need or an underclassman will want to buy your book from you.  If that’s the case, fill out the googledoc sent out in Weekly Digest 1/19, then get in touch with whoever has the book you want to buy directly.  Getting your books from another student is sure to be cheaper than buying them at the bookstore!  Please email Robyn (RNS4@DUKE.EDU) if you have any questions, and be sure to check the page often as others update it.

$$ SWE Scholarships! $$

Apply by: Wednesday, February 15

Apply now for a Society of Women Engineers Scholarship for the 2011-2012 academic year!  Students who will be sophomores through graduate students can apply on-line at by February 15, 2012. You complete one application and are considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible. The online application is entirely electronic – including submittal of reference recommendation letters and transcripts.

The SWE Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to women admitted to accredited baccalaureate or graduate programs, in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science. In 2011, SWE disbursed 188 new and renewed scholarships valued at $540,000. For more information about eligibility and requirements and a link to the application, go to our website at