Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever been in a room, faced with a combination of powerful melodies, smooth harmonies, and rugged handsomeness? If so, then you probably already know about Speak of the Devil, Duke’s premier all-male a cappella group. If not, then sit back and prepare to witness the most electrifying men in musical entertainment.

More than 20 years ago, founders Preston Kim and Walter Moore paved the way for what would soon become the most sought after musical group in the Triangle area. While most groups sweat under the bright lights of the stage, Speak’s muscles instead just glisten in the light. From hip hop to country, R&B and your favorite club jams, Speak does it all. We sing on stage; we sing on the quad; we even sing in the shower…

The gentlemen of Speak of the Devil feed off of their willingness to try new things and stay on the cutting edge of a cappella innovation, as well as their destructive determination to entertain above all else. They have proven that they are here to stay, and have become the most exciting and entertaining group on campus.

So enjoy the music, enjoy the dancing, and enjoy the collared button downs. The men of Speak guarantee to leave you musically, emotionally, and physically satisfied. Speak For Three.

Class of 2014

Left to right: Matt Gordon, Amit Vora, Frank Lee, Robby Schwenke

Class of 2014

 Class of 2015

Top, left to right: Ryan Gaylord, Jake Toffler, James Silberstein

Bottom, left to right: Taylor Lane, Keegan Cotton

Class of 2015

 Class of 2016

Left to right: Rob Smith, John Barker

Class of 2016

Class of 2017

Brady Ross-Minton, Graham Adeson, Richard Phillips, Ryan Anders, Shlok Shah, William Windham


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