Nov 05

Admissions Counselor from University of Pennsylvania – Nov 5

Rob Dimeo will be here to talk about the vet school at the University of Pennsylvania and answer your application/admission questions.  6pm in BioSci 073, pizza and drinks provided!

Sep 24

ATTENTION – First meeting moved to Wed 9/25

Sorry for the short notice, but our first meeting has been moved to tomorrow (Wed) evening at 6pm in 073 BioSci.  Hope to see you there!

Sep 19

Admissions Counselor from Tufts – Oct 10

Good news!  We’ve finalized arrangements with Ford Barnet, an admissions counselor from Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.  He will be here on Thursday, October 10th at 6:00 (in the usual room, BioSci 073) to talk about applications and the admissions process.  Even if you’re years away from applying or don’t plan to apply to Tufts, you should definitely come to this talk – hearing from people in an admissions office is always insightful and helpful!

Sep 19

Fall 2013 First Meeting!

Our first official meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 24th at 6:00 in BioSci 073 (the usual room). This will double as a social event/meet-and-greet and an opportunity for Dr. Eason to go over the complicated requirements for vet school.  All pre-vet students should try to attend!

Nov 07

Guest Speaker from NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Don’t forget!

We will be hosting a very special guest speaker on Thursday November 15th at
6pm. Jeff Huckel, from NCSU’s college of veterinary medicine has agreed to come
speak with the Pre-Vet Society about vet school admissions. The meeting will be
in BioSci 073 as usual, and we’ll be bringing pizza instead of just the usual

Please consider joining us even if you aren’t planning on applying to NCSU. We
aren’t able to get many admissions officers to visit us every year. Mr. Huckel
always has some great general advice for pre-vet students and is happy to
answer any questions you might have.

Here is their website in case you want to prepare questions ahead of time:

In short: Guest speaker. Thursday 11/15. 6:00pm. Pizza. Be there.


If you’re interested in meeting with a NCSU CVM admissions officer fill out this poll!


Thank you :)

Oct 23

Duke PAWS Bake Sale and Shirts

Duke PAWS will be holding its fall bake sale on the BC Plaza Friday, November 2nd from 11am-4pm. All proceeds will go towards the Orange County Animal Shelter. Come out and buy some baked goods! For more information, visit the bake sale Facebook event page here.

Stay tuned for potential opportunities for PVS to help with baking or tabling!

They are also making T-shirts and have agreed to sell them to Pre-Vets at the member price of $12
 T-shirts: We will be ordering American Apparel unisex crew neck t-shirts in three colors (view here): red, mint, and purple. Shirts will be about $12 dollars each for members (i.e. on this listserv) and about $15 for nonmembers, and everyone is encouraged to order one (or two or three for your friends!). Shirts are a great way to get our name out there, so please feel free to order them regardless of your involvement level. We will also sell extras for a higher price on campus ($15) and donate the proceeds. Please get your orders placed by Friday, Nov. 2nd at noon. I will follow up next week with a reminder & any new info.

Oct 13

Fall Advising Meeting

As promised, we will be hosting a meeting for anyone seeking advice on what classes to take in order to cover all those pre-vet requirements we’ve mentioned. Dr. Eason will be giving a more in depth presentation, and the officers will be there to answer any questions afterwards. The meeting will be Tuesday October 23 at 6pm in BioSci 073.

We hope to see you there!

Sep 24

First Meeting Recap

For those of you who asked for it, or those who couldn’t make it to the first meeting, here is Dr. Eason’s brief presentation.

Navigating the Pre-Vet Path 2012

Confused about what classes to take next spring? We’ll be having an info session in mid-October before registration to answer all your questions. The exact date will be announced in early October, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help before then!

May 21

Pre-Vet Site Under Construction

In an effort to improve pre-veterinary school advising on Duke’s campus, the Pre-Vet Society will be hosting a website to communicate with members and non-members alike. Stay tuned for pages regarding pre-vet opportunities, advising and more!