Field Experiences

Digital Scholarship Services offers semester-long field experiences to Information and Library Science masters candidates.  These credit-earning field experiences provide opportunities to work closely with library staff and Duke faculty to better understand and address teaching and research needs in the rapidly evolving area of digital scholarship. Student can gain hands-on knowledge in the interdisciplinary practices of the digital humanities and apply theoretical knowledge of data and records management, legal and technical considerations in digital scholarship creation and use, and instruction and research support for faculty and students using digital approaches to their academic work.

Contact Digital Scholarship Services to ask questions about or apply for any of the following field experience opportunities:

Digital Curation Consultant

Students work closely with Libraries’ staff and Duke faculty and staff at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute to provide curation guidance and assistance for digital research assets generated by humanities laboratories.

Digital Humanities Technical Assistant

Students work closely with library staff and Duke faculty to create exciting new projects from the ground up, gaining hands-on experience in the interdisciplinary practices of the digital humanities.  Day-to-day work may include gathering requirements, contributing to the development of software projects and Web resources, researching and reporting on platforms and tools, advising faculty on technical matters, and serving as a liaison between principal investigators, library staff, and other project stakeholders.


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