Digital Projects Support

The Digital Scholarship Services staff can work with you to identify the digital tools and methods that best support your research questions and project needs. We offer support ranging from initial consultation to project implementation:

    • Consultation: We are available to help students and faculty plan digital scholarship projects, identify and access appropriate tools, and describe project goals and deliverables.
    • Coordination: During the development of digital scholarship projects, we can assist with issues such as data management, access to computational resources at Duke, and project design choices that ensure sustainability.  We are able to put researchers in touch with experts across Duke who can contribute knowledge and resources to digital project development.
    • Implementation: Digital Scholarship Services partners with faculty and students to undertake implementation projects (i.e., design and coding) that support strategic priorities of the Duke University Libraries and Duke University and advance our ability to understand and better support digital scholarship. We’re always available to talk with you about your project ideas. For projects specifically related to the Mellon Foundation-funded Humanities Writ Large initiative, contact Will Shaw. For all other questions, contact Liz Milewicz.

Contact us if you need assistance in getting your project started or help with moving it forward.

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