REMEMBERING NELSON MANDELA mandela 676x380 Nelson Mandela will be remembered as a universal symbol for goodness and wisdom, for the ability to change, and the power of reconciliation.

Nelson MandelaThe Mortality of Nelson Mandela
by Sarah Nuttall, Director, Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research,
University of the Witwatersrand

Special Mandela coverage by the New York Times

Newspaper front pages around the world

London Review of Books tribute by Stephen Smith

The Mandela Playlist: A Life and Legacy, Told in Music



Links to coverage of the vigil:

Duke Today: Duke Chapel Memorial Service Reflects on Mandela’s Legacy


map of south africa

The Concilium on Southern Africa (COSA)
is an interdisciplinary network of faculty committed to widening and deepening relationships between Duke University and the countries and peoples of
Southern Africa, and offering ongoing opportunities on the Duke campus for faculty and students to engage with Southern African concerns.

To this end, COSA

  • Encourages a wide range of scholarly engagement with Southern Africa,
    initiating or co-ordinating discussion groups, faculty and student exchanges,
    and visits to Duke by Southern African scholars, artists and social commentators;
  • Provides a forum to share research, reports on student visits,
    and educational experiences;
  • Explores issues relating to Southern Africa through reading groups
    and lectures;
  • Organises conferences and seminars to expand knowledge of, and
    deepen relationships with Southern Africa;
  • Welcomes faculty members and other professionals in the Triangle
    interested in engagement with Southern Africa.
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