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Health and Environmental Impacts of Household Energy Choices in India

SK Pattanayak, J Hollingsworth, P Kussin, WM Foster, P Kasibhatla, J Meyer.

Our team of social scientists (S. Pattanayak), biomedical researchers (J. Hollingsworth, P. Kussin, W.M. Foster) and environmental scientists (P. Kasibhatla, J. Meyer) has recently receiving funding to launch a pilot project establishing a cohort of 250 households with recently installed biogas stoves and 250 controls (traditional energy users) in Orissa, India.  The basic field design follows several longitudinal environmental health studies in rural India led by Professor Pattanayak. Our proposed design is both innovative and of high clinical significance because we will comprehensively measure ambient environmental exposures, estimate lifelong exposure to indoor biomass with surveys, obtain objective measurements of lung function, and establish a biobank to facilitate understanding of the genetic/epigenetic factors that contribute to adverse health outcomes. We also intend to administer a household survey to consider proxies for barriers to adoption, including education, wealth, and access to alternatives. The survey will include a short conjoint analysis to examine household demand for different attributes of stoves and fuels – costs, convenience, physical quality, etc.

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