Parking at Duke, Sat.

The committee members recommend parking for visitors in the Bryan Center Garage, or in the lot located immediately outside the garage. Although the Bryan Center Garage and Lot will be reserved for an event, we have been assured by Duke Parking & Transportation that parking will be available on a first come-first serve basis. It is therefore recommended that you arrive early. A flat rate of $5 will be charged upon entry, since the garage will be in “event mode.” A map to this location is linked below:

Bryan Center Lot and Parking Garage

From there, the Westbrook Divinity Building is located just beyond the Chapel. The fastest path is to walk from the Bryan Center Lot to the Westbrook Building’s lowest level, passing behind the Chapel’s chancel.


Duke University does not have much free parking left on campus. Those who are eager to search this out would have to park on Central Campus, on the curbside of Alexander St. or Oregon St. From there, it is about a twenty minute walk to West Campus, where Westbrook is found. C-1 and C-2 buses run from Central to West Campus on the weekend. More specific information may be found at the Parking & Transportation website:

Parking at Chapel Hill, Fri. and Sun.

After 5 pm on weekdays and on the weekends parking tends to be free in parking lots on UNC campus. You do not need swipe access to park in most lots. Both the Campus Y and Peabody Hall are located just off of Cameron Street, which cuts through UNC campus. There are several small parking lots located just off of Cameron, including one directly behind Peabody Hall. Read the signs to make sure that these lots are not reserved for a special purpose on that day. Some  larger lots nearby are listed below:

  • The Cobb Deck is located off of Raleigh Road and behind the Playmakers Theater, is free and open to the public after 5 pm and on the weekends, and is a 15 minute walk away from our events.
  •  The UNC Global FedEx Visitors’ Lot is located at the corner of Columbia and McCauley, behind The Carolina Inn, a 5-7 minute walk away from our events. This lot is open to the public after 5 PM and on weekends on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The Venable Lot is located at the corner of South Road and South Columbia Street, and is a 10 minute walk away from our events.

A Brief Introduction

The graduate programs in Classical Studies at Duke University and in Classics at UNC-Chapel Hill are collaborating to organize the Inaugural Duke/UNC-CH Graduate Workshop in Classics Pedagogy for the weekend of March 28-30, 2014. Teaching classical languages, culture, history, and archaeology presents unique challenges, dissimilar to those of any other discipline in the humanities. Graduate instructors in Classics must not only communicate to undergraduates the results of their own research, they must also bring excitement to the study of two languages that have not been spoken for millennia, develop convincing presentations of visual art and monumental architecture, and offer insight into complicated and difficult cultural practices, such as animal sacrifice, slavery, and imperial conquest. While many graduate programs now run conferences at which graduate students may share research papers with one another, no venue exists at any other institution of higher education in which graduates and faculty in Classics may address their common efforts as educators. This workshop establishes an entirely unique venue in which graduate instructors may benefit one another by sharing their knowledge and experience and by drawing upon the recognized excellence of talented professionals in the field.