Preparation for the 2013 CLAS Symposium have already begun!  We are delighted to announce a gathering of unprecedented scale in CLAS history:


Late Antiquity made New:

A Celebration of the Work of Elizabeth A. Clark

April 11-13, 2013

Duke University 






PCM Keynote




opening keynote



The Symposium will be free of charge and open to all;
please register by filling out the following form.




The Center for Late Ancient Studies sponsors an annual symposium that brings to Duke’s campus speaker from across the field of late ancient studies, pairing them with graduate student respondents.  Past examples include: “Late Ancient Re-Readings: Interpretation and Appropriation in Late Antiquity,” featuring presentations from Elisabeth DePalma Digeser (UCSB) and Kevin Uhalde (University of Ohio), February 8, 2011. “The Erotic in Late Ancient Muslim/Christian Encounters,” featuring presentations Gabriel Said Reynolds (University of Notre Dame) and Thomas Sizgorich (UC Irvine), January 29, 2010.

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