Brownstone Recruitment 2015 has ended. Thank you for coming out to meet us – we loved getting to know all of you! Look out for details about our rush events in 2016.



Brownstone Rush 2015 Calendar

All events begin in Kilgo J common room (with the exception of the two dinners and Open Mic Night). Details about every event will be emailed to you each Sunday during recruitment. Like the Facebook page to stay updated!

There are a few flagship Brownstone events (*) that are our personal favorites, such as the In-Section Party (“Good & Evil” on 1/9) and Chocolate Progressive (Thursday 1/15). Try to make an extra effort to come out to those! Our events are fun and relaxed – nothing is mandatory – so please feel free to stop by.


We also encourage you to take time to peruse our Member Bios! (Click on a photo.) Brownstone’s flavor changes from year to year based on its current membership, so this will help you get a feel for our eclectic array of personalities. :)


Questions or concerns? Feel free to contact our Rush Chairs below.

Jeffrey Ho

Hannah Schwennesen

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