Leslie Hayes

Hi everyone!! My name is Leslie and I am currently a sophomore from Minneapolis, MN and am majoring in Psychology with a minor in education.  Although I live in a double I have a third roommate by the name of Bubba Lawrence Hayes and he’s number one on the field and number one in my heart so feel free to stop by J203 if you ever want to meet him!  In my free time I enjoy baking, photography, watching any food network series (my current obsession is “Worst Cooks in America” (#teambobbyflay), knitting copious amounts of Christmas gifts, and singing off key (shoutout to Queen Bey and my roomie for dealing with my performances).  In addition to Brownstone I work for the Rubenstein Library, am a member of the Community Empowerment Fund, Duke Presbyterian Campus Ministry, and I tutor second graders in Durham.  If you’re ever in need of a treat, warm hug or just want to talk about life don’t hesitate to reach out!

Zoe Roecker

Hello! My name is Zoe and I am a biomedical engineering major from Wisconsin. I love to play tennis and listen to all types of music (aside from country.) Finding new music is one of my favorite things. If I’m not stranded in Perkins or playing tennis, you can find me in Kville decked out in blue. I also play the bass and ukulele, so stop by the big triple if you want to jam or chill!

Aasha Reddy

Hi! I’m Aasha and I’m from the great state of New Jersey (seriously if you love New Jersey too please talk to me).
I’m majoring in Economics and possibly Statistics, and what interests me the most in terms of academics is the intersection of history, politics, and macroeconomics (I love Keynes). I play the cello and guitar and on campus I am involved with SOFC, the Economics Student Union, Duke Economics Review, and of course the best SLG (BROWNSTONEEE).
I really like puppies, and often you’ll find me following people’s pets around campus. I also really love coffee especially when they put the art in it. Soup is also great. My dream is to live on an island and avoid the responsibility of becoming a real adult, but in terms of my normal goals maybe I’ll do something related to macroeconomics when I graduate.
Other important things you should know about me; I love the Beatles, the TV show Friends, New York City, Duke, small animals, olives, Notre Dame, and people who don’t like Ohio State.

Austin Wu

Hi Everyone, I’m Austin! I’m from a suburb of Chicago called Barrington, Illinois and I’m a sophomore studying computer science and hopefully something else. I love throwing frisbee, playing guitar, and teaching! Please stop by if you’re a fan of Settlers of Catan, Star Wars, or dorm room cooking. At Duke, I’m involved with the Asian Students Association, Dukes and Duchesses, and the Duke Student Alumni Board.

Stella Lee

Hi y’all! My name is Stella and I’m from Vancouver, Canada (yes, the most peaceful and beautiful country in the world).
I was actually born in South Korea but I moved to Canada end of 3rd grade and became Canadian couple years after moving.
I am currently studying Psychology with a Chemistry and Music minor and recently became pre-med (again) this year (there’s a long story behind why I’m pre-med “again” so if you’re ever curious, feel free to ask me!)
I love to golf, play the flute and the piano, and SING! I’m also part of two a cappella groups on campus called “Deja Blue” and “Temptasians.” So if you’d like to have a random jam session and want to sing along to every single song in any Disney movie, you know who to find :)

Nava Barman

Get a plastic bag; go ahead and pick up all the cash. You deserve it. – Drizzy

What up what up, my name is Nava Barman, I live in Brownstone, and I am the unofficial Brownstone section lyricist. Not because other people necessarily enjoy the lyrics and quotes I dish out on a minute-by-minute basis, but because I have the mastery to sum up a whole day’s worth of events, emotions, festivities in a beautifully intricate rap quote; usually by Drizzy. That being said, one of the biggest things about me is that I love music, so if you ever want to talk to me about something, it would be that! That, or how Trump will make America great again.

I am Pre-Med, undeclared, and my extracurriculars include work with Campus Concerts and Smalltown Records, which are both in DUU. I also work in a research lab at the medical center, and LOVE TO BALL. If I’m not out and about, you can find me blasting music on my hype speakers; right now it’s Vince and Jay Rock. I also like to write and record rhymes.

Follow me on SoundCloud and Facebook; soundcloud.com/navadropsbarz

Shreya Ahuja

Hey y’all. I’m Shreya Ahuja, and I’m originally from Dallas, Texas. I’m hoping to major in Global Health and Public Policy. I’m also involved with BOW, GlobeMed, and Neuropsychologia as well as being a certified EMT. Aside from my profound nerdiness, I love playing tennis, painting, eating, sleeping, and generally anything Bollywood related. I work as a Bollywood DJ and am part of a dance team called fusion team called Rhydhun. I enjoy Shondaland Thursdays, playing Bananagrams, any and all food, impromptu dance parties, and limited physical activity. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Nikhil Vanderklaauw

Hey! I’m Nikhil Vanderklaauw. I am half Indian and half Dutch, and am from New York City! I am a student in Pratt majoring in Mechanical Engineering, hopefully with a certificate in Energy and the Environment. I went to the United Nations International school in NYC and am an IB alum. 

Music is a big part of my life, and I really love listening to many genres: from EDM, house and electropop to indie, alternative rock and reggae (hit me up on Spotify). As an artistic outlet I enjoy photography and have experience in both black/white and color film printing and processing. I’m also really intrigued by astrophysics and have done research with NASA and Duke TIP program in the field. On the side, I consider myself an avid traveler (22 countries on my resume), a serious foodie and a pretty big tech-head. My favorite shows include Lost, Game of Thrones and The Legend of Korra.

At Duke, during my freshman year I was involved in the Standard magazine’s web team, and was an east campus dorm eco-representative (which ties into my interest in sustainable development).

I am really excited to be a part of the Brownstone community. Say hey! I can’t wait to get to know you :)

Michael Kim

Hey, I’m Mike, a sophomore, hailing from Ridgefield, CT – though I was born in Dallas and had stints in San Diego, Glencoe, Paradise Valley, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles. My dad’s an astronaut so we’ve had some gigs outside the States in third world countries like Russia and Japan.

If I’ve learned anything from all the moving about, it’s how to make fast friends and passable English (my second language). I learned Spanish while in an incubator (I was born a month early) from the constantly yammering Mexican nurses that took care of me. I learned some Russian while in Moscow, which is apt because I’m a good liberal and every good liberal is not so secretly communist. And of course, I picked up some Japanese from the backs of fortune cookies (Kidding, I spent a few years in Osaka. Nigiri means tuna).

I’m studying biomedical engineering and completing pre-med requirements. I’m also considering a minor in minority prophets (particularly Hosea, Nahum, and Micah) through the Div School and possibly a certificate in linguistic mechanics (previously called English for Physicists). I’m basically an Asian most interesting man in the world.

I like to think of myself as pretty outdoorsy. Well, I’m pretty much a turtle. That is, I’m happiest when I carry my house on my back. I just finished the John Muir Trail (part of the PCT as made kind of famous by Wild) and I’m a member of Outing Club as well as an employee of Duke Rec’s Outdoor Adventures program. I ran the 18 miles to Half Dome while Alex Honnold free soloed the vertical face. I got to the top just in time to catch him before he fell mantling at the top. And if anyone’s up to finance an America’s Cup team, I’ve got a pretty decent crew looking for a yacht.

Feel free to reach out by email or sit down to talk wherever I am. I’m always up for meeting new people!

Tamara Frances

Hey guys, what’s up? My name is Tamara and I’m from the city of Newport News, Virginia. I plan on majoring in either International Comparative Studies or Sociology with a Markets and Management Studies certificate. Outside of Brownstone, I’m involved with the FAC program, Duke Hospital Auxiliary and Duke Athletics Social Media. Whenever I get free time there’s a pretty big chance I’ll use it to sleep, go to Wilson, or watch trashy reality TV shows. My favorite pastime is going to concerts, so hit me up if you ever need a concert buddy!

Other important details:

  • I have a 3ftx5ft Virginia State flag as a tapestry.
  • Fetty Wap and RL Grime. Period.
  • I’m so excited be one of Brownstone’s rush co-chairs this year and meet everyone during rush. Feel free to stop by J203 whenever! (No entry for Redskins fans)

I’ll leave you with some words to live by: “TiP TOE iN YOUR JORDANS BUT DON’T TiP TOE THRU LiFE” – RiFF RAFF


Breanna Polascik

Hey! I’m Breanna Polascik and I’m from Chapel Hill, North Carolina! I’m Pre-Law and currently undecided but interested in majoring in CompSci and minoring in something too! I love tap dancing, karate, playing classical piano, and singing and am always down for spontaneous jam sessions! I also enjoy traveling, hanging with friends, being outside, dogs, trying new things, laughing, and having fun! Come say hi! :)

Jocelyn Corey

Hey I am Jocelyn! I am a freshman studying Biomedical Engineering. I grew up on a llama farm in Baltimore (it doesn’t make much sense, I know). I love running and hiking. I am on Duke Club Running, and I also work with young girls in STEM through FEMMES. My biggest commitment is Duke Engineers for International Development where I am on the executive board, and I am the safety manager of the Rwanda team. This summer I will be traveling to Rwanda for eight weeks to build a pedestrian footbridge over a floodplain that I designed with a few of my friends. We will be living in the community of Rwamahwa and working with them to build their bridge. Next year, I will also be an RA on East Campus. When I am not doing homework or going to all sorts of meetings or getting into some unusual adventure, I love to bake, read, and workout. I am also a huge Duke Basketball fan. I dirty black tented. After tenting this year, I made my whole tent a strawberry cream pie that I was told was quite legendary. Finally, I am an avid tea drinker, and I love trying new restaurants with friends, exploring Durham, and watching Netflix on a Friday night.

Amanda Mathew

Eight things to know about Amanda
1) TV, coffee, and sleep are her three fav things
2) My online library is filled with romance novels (ask me if i have 50 Shades of Gray i dare you)
3) Physical activity is a no unless it’s an impromptu dance party
4) Chipotle >>>>> Taco Bell all day
5) I will almost not go anywhere without a guarantee of snacks
6) I have almost zero depth perception when playing basketball, slap cup, or beer pong (shh)
7) Despite my prickly demeanor and my resting irritated face, I’m actually really nice
8) My life is essentially a series of unfortunate, poorly planned decisions with Bollywood music playing in the background
Let’s be friends.

Frank Wang

Hi! I’m Frank Wang. I’m from Portland, Oregon and I’m studying Computer Science with a certificate in Markets and Management Studies. I enjoy tropical house, volleyball/pick up basketball, tetris, sarcasm, and Reddit (my favorite subreddit is /r/shittyreactiongifs). I’m also involved with DCD, Scale and Coin, and Asian Students Association. My freshman summer I went to Beijing as part of Duke Engage and really enjoyed my time teaching at a middle school, so I hope I can do something related to education in the long term (and hopefully involving computer science!). In the mean time, I really don’t know what I’m doing here at Duke. Duke is full of interesting experiences to be had, and I hope to have as many of those experiences under my belt as possible before eventually leaving this place.

Noah Liebman

Hi! My name is Noah Liebman and I’m a freshman from Clemson, SC.  Though I’ve grown up in good ol’ Cackalacki, I was born in Santa Barbara and like to think that somewhere deep down I’m a California boy.  Here at Duke I study mechanical engineering and am planning to minor in Energy Engineering.  I also love to travel and so in between years of college I hope to get to see the world through study and service abroad.  Outside of class I love hanging out with my friends both in and out of Brownstone and enjoy playing sports, trying all of the good food to be had here in Durham, and talking about philosophy/religion/spirituality.  If you see me be sure to say hey!  I’m always down to hang out and chat.​

Zach Fuchs

Hey everyone! I’m Zach and I’m from Washington, D.C. I’m a history and political science double major, so I got that goin’ for me, which is nice. I love sports — especially baseball and basketball. My four favorite foods are pizza, crabs, tacos, and barbecue, in no particular order. I really like movies, but not super old movies. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.

Reed McLaurin

Hey y’all. I’m Reed McLaurin and I’m a freshman from Lufkin, Texas (it’s an awesome small town 100 miles north of Houston), but went to a boarding high school called St. Andrew’s in Middletown, Delaware (it’s where Dead Poet’s Society was filmed for anyone who gets that slightly dated pop culture reference). I had been an avid tennis player for most of my life but picked up squash there and now play on the club team here. I am a huge sports fan and follow professional tennis as well as college and professional basketball and football. My teams are Duke, the Spurs, and the Texans. Food is delicious and I love to try news things whenever I can. I get way too into movies and TV and am currently obsessed with House of Cards, Sherlock, and Mad Men. I also love to travel and want to make the most of the incredible opportunities Duke provides to see the world. Speaking of what I want to get out of Duke, I am likely a Pub Pol major with some amount of Cul Anth thrown in there (maybe a minor or double major). On campus, I participate in the MASTERY tutoring program which pairs Duke students with resettled refugee kids (its fun and we could always use more tutors). I am also a CEF advocate and work to help people in the Durham area experiencing homelessness to reach their financial goals (another cool group worth checking out). And, most importantly of all, I think Brownstone is awesome!

Melissa Piana

Hey y’all! My name is Melissa and I am from Franklin, Massachusetts. However, I love all things southern including country music and using “y’all.” I am double majoring in Economics and Public Policy and doing research on ESL instruction. On campus, I’m involved in the Christian ministry Cru, Club Swimming, and Tour Guiding. I love the show Friends and make references to it on a daily basis. In my spare time, I like running the Al Buehler, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and going Duke basketball games. I’m so excited to live in section and get to know everyone!

Carmen Hoyt

My name is Carmen Hoyt and I am an aspiring Earth and Ocean Sciences major from Naples, Florida. As a freshman, I have become involved in the Marine Science and Conservation Leaders club, the Photography club, and am an Duke Outdoor Adventures trip leader in training. Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida has inspired my passion for the oceans and adventure. My favorite sea creature is the whale shark. I love to travel with my family and have been fortunate enough to experience 16 countries and counting, and I would love to go to Australia next. In my free time, I can be caught playing guitar, listening to music, or taking pictures. I also have a massive sweet tooth, love surfing and paddle boarding, and am always looking for the next concert to attend. After graduation, I would love to take a year and explore the U.S. by VW bus. One day, I hope to be able to combine my passions for traveling, the ocean, and photography into a career as a documentarian.

Austin Tate

Yes hello I am Austin Tate!​

I’m from Austin, the best city in Texas (the relation is purely coincidental, I assure you). I’m a Mechanical Engineering major who’s maybe interested in pursuing Markets and Management or perhaps Energy or even Visual Media as a minor, I’m not sure.

I’m a member of Duke’s Hoof N Horn players, play intramural sports, and have a dinner group

I meet sometimes. I’m currently working towards having a more substantial list of activities. You can often find me running around from place to place, tucked away in Ciemas, or where everybody else is because hopefully I’m there too. I enjoy soccer, theatre, Smash Bros, colors, making t-shirt designs, and occasionally I make short films when I have the time.

My spirit animal is the sloth. My favorite colors are turquoise and neon yellow. I am more than willing to explore food because I love that stuff. My favorite musical is The Last Five Years. My favorite movie is a combination of Inception/The Prestige/Fight Club. My favorite person is you.

Richard Beckett-Ansa

My name is Richard Beckett-Ansa and I’m a sophomore here at Duke University (I don’t know why I said that I’m listed under sophomores). I played soccer in high school but thanks to two knee surgeries I have now switched to basketaball and Squash and some other sports here and there.. (Bocci ball anyone?). I’m on the Duke Squash club team which is up and rising and everybody who reads this bio should go and check out the facebook page! (Shameless plug from a shameless vice-president). I am currently switching from Trinity to the Pratt school of engineering and hope to end my tenure here with a degree in biomedical engineering or none at all. As they say, go big or go home. I enjoy singing, playing piano, playing all types of sports, and just sitting down for emotional conversations. I’ll be a residential assistant in Blackwell next year so don’t hesitate to find me and come ask about my time in Brownstone! These are amazing people and I can not wait to see what the Class of 2018 will offer to this SLG!

Jay Rathinavelu

Hey Guys! I am from the incredible state of Pennsylvania! I was born and brought up in Erie and like most of us I am a rabid tennis fan! I’m calling it right now Djokovic will win the French Open and show Nadal what kind of sorry player he is… (and the Broncos probably won’t win either).  Anyway, I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I love to play tennis or any other sport in general. I can ski and snowboard and occasionally enjoy climbing.  I am known for my How I Met Your Mother….that is pretty much my biggest redeeming quality.  Here at Duke I am involved with Duke Dhamaka (Indian Dance team) and Duke Music Tutors.  Take the scenic excursion up the PRINCE tower up to the 5th floor and come visit me and my roommate Susheel!  We have a balcony…nuff said.

Susheel Nalla

Hey Guys! I am from the incredible state of Colorado! I was born and brought up in Denver and like most of us I am a rabid Broncos fan! I’m calling it right now Broncos will win the Super Bowl and Manning will show Sherman what kind of sorry corner he is… Anyway, I am pre-med majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Econ and Global Health. I love to play tennis or any other sport in general. I can ski and snowboard with the best of them and enjoy climbing ‘14ers. Here at Duke I am involved with Duke Diya and the Nicolelis Lab. Come climb up to the 5th floor and come visit me and m roommate Jay! We are known to treat our guests well!

Gloria Adedoyin

Hey folks! I’m Gloria Adedoyin, and I rushed Brownstone as a sophomore in spring of 2014. I’m a Biology/History double major with dreams of becoming a pharmacist when I graduate. I really love history especially American and pre-modern Russian history so if you are interested in that kind of thing come talk to me! I’m director of programming for DukeAfrica so stick with me and I’ll show you some really cool events we have planned related to the Continent. I played lacrosse in high school and still love to play so if you have a stick hit me up and we can throw sometime. Seriously can’t wait to meet lots of cool new people during Rush so don’t hesitate to start a conversation with me about anything at all :)

Sam Morton

My name is Sam Morton, although my legal name is actually Sanford. Fun fact if you haven’t visited the Sanford building on campus you should because you are missing out on life. They have amazing cushioned benches that you can pretend to do work on while secretly falling asleep. The stairs will also confuse you beyond belief but it feels like Hogwarts so that’s alright with me. I spent my entire life growing up in Austin, Texas. You might be from Dallas or Houston, and while I love you because you are from Texas, I still have to let you know that Austin is better than your city any day of the year. I ride bikes a lot, more specifically I race mountain bikes a lot – I have been to nationals twice and am also a two time Texas state champion. I really enjoy photography and spend a lot of time trying to find new ways to distill the emotions of an entire event in a single still image (I haven’t quite figured it out yet but I’m getting there). I am a photographer for the on campus fashion magazine FORM, but other than that most of the photography I do is independent. I am the president of Duke’s very own student-run record label and studio, which has been super rewarding a lot of fun. I also sit on SOFC and help iron out the schools budget. When I’m not doing all of that other stuff you can find me in Hudson working on my next engineering project or helping the Duke Eco-Marathon team build their hyper-efficient electric vehicle. I am extremely excited to be a part of Brownstone and I love meeting new people so always feel free to stop by.

P.S. I am studying Mechanical Engineering and Economics so if you ever have any questions about that or anything else always feel free to find me and we can chat!

Brandon Ngo

The name is Ngo, Brandon Ngo. Aside from cheesy introductions and impromptu puns, I have a knack for random philosophical moments. As of right now I’m thinking of majoring in Biomedical Engineering and going the Pre-Med route. People keep telling me to choose one​ or the other, but I’m sticking with both for now. Aside from spending lots of time on the E-Quad, I enjoy extended piano playing sessions in the Biddle Music Building and occasionally writing poetry while gazing at the stars above. Recently I’ve been getting into dance and am part of a new group called Street Medicine. Feel free to come up to me and discuss anything ranging from deep, existential thoughts to flat out dirty jokes.

Ashley Hwang

Ashley hails from the superior side of the state of Virginia, also known as NOVA. She finds joy in meeting new people and having meaningful conversations, preferably but not exclusively when paired with wine and cheese, particularly brie and gouda. In the past she has been known to be found in the 4th floor of Bostock for about 86% of the school year, a number which she sincerely hopes to reduce in the upcoming semester as she enters the second half of her Duke career. Some things she looks forward to in the upcoming semester include taking advantage of the convenience of her Kilgo residence by frequenting Wilson gym more often, becoming more active in her dance group, figuring out her priorities as a human being before she enters the adult world, hanging out with more people past 4am, and writing a more witty bio for her senior year Brownstone website.

Wesley Horng

Hi! I’m Wesley, Class of 2017. I am possibly majoring in Economics. I was born in Cupertino, California, but moved back to Taipei, Taiwan when I was 7 and never came back since. Duke is an absolutely new experience for me. I have never been in the South. I love to dance. I started out with contemporary and breaking in freshman year of high school. I am in two dance groups at Duke: Duke Chinese Dance and Defining Movement. Both fantastic groups with fabulous people. Come watch us when you get a chance! I kind of live in Perkins (even when I was a freshman #lillyisdepressing). I am also part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Jeffrey Ho

Hi, I’m Jeffrey, and I’m majoring in Statistics and Public Policy.  I am also interested in law and hope to one day go to law school.  I’m from Sudbury, Massachusetts, a town outside of Boston, and I love my Boston teams.  I love watching football and invite anyone to watch with me if you can handle my incessant shouting at the TV.  I also enjoy music, listening to anything from rap to country to indie bands.  When I’m not listening to music, I’m either playing the guitar or keyboard, or writing songs.  Outside of sports and music, I’m also a feminist, libertarian, poet and food lover.  I love trying new types of food and dessert and am always seeking out new restaurants to try out.  I am really excited to be Brownstone’s rush co-chair this year, and I can’t wait to meet new people during rush.  Feel free to stop by J403 to talk with me whenever.

Michael Daou

Hi all! I’m Michael, a prospective electrical engineer (and possible econ minor) from Lebanon. Having lived there all my life, I speak the Arabic language that a whole bunch of you at Duke seem to find enticing (it is though!) So hit me up if you have any Arabic related questions! At Duke, I’m involved in a business brotherhood called Scale and Coin and in the Duke Consulting Club under the Community Consulting program, where we provide free basic consulting services to Durham-based startups. I’m on the lookout for service opportunities, and involving myself engineering-related clubs. Or possibly something that joins the two. In my free time, I like to sing (hit me up if you play the guitar!), read, and just be around good friends (go Brownstone!)


Raghav Kedia

Yo, this is Raghav. Here are three things you need to know about me. 1. I like Quiznoes way too much and I’ll be entering into a long mourning period this summer when it goes out of business 2. I revolutionized the commonly used word “dope” meaning cool, or in some cases illegal drugs, into “dope sauce” to make it more fun and user friendly 3. I play tennis and drink a lot of milk. Oh and I like math.

Martha Leplae-Arthur

Hi!! :) My name is Martha. I’m looking to major in Biomedical Engineering and minor in Global Health. My mom is French and Belgian and my dad is Ghanaian so despite being from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I have had the chance to do some very cool traveling, and have developed a passion for exploring different cultures throughout the world. Other things I really love to do include drawing, making handmade birthday cards, and going on walks in the the Duke Gardens (a great way to relieve stress). The group that I have become most involved with while on campus has been PWILD. I first became part of this group in August before my freshman year, and quickly fell in love with backpacking. I look forward to staffing other freshman within the next three years.

Gic-Owens Fiestan

Hey guys! My name is Gic-Owens Fiestan and I was born in the Philippines and now reside in Central Florida. I’m a freshman that’s planning on double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology with a minor in Chemistry. In my spare time I look to play video games, read books, and just lay around doing nothing! I also play tennis and enjoy going on hikes with the Outing Club! I enjoy Greek food (especially lamb gyros) and am very fond of chicken. If you want to know how I got my name or what it means, just come ask me! I’m so excited to live in section next semester and get closer to my fellow Brownies!

Samantha Devito

Hi! My name is Sam and I am a freshman from southeastern Connecticut. I am  majoring in Public Policy with a possible certificate in Policy Journalism and Media Studies. On campus I am on the club softball team, a tour guide, and on a Dance Marathon Committee. I also love playing and watching sports (especially Duke Basketball!), movies, and eating (especially Italian food)! Feel free to stop by any time to hang out!

Audra Bass

Hello fellow friends! My name is Audra (French for Noble Strength or Lithuanian for Storm) Bass (fish or funky instrument). I am a  North Carolinian who hales from summer searches of wild blackberries and honey-suckle and a booming family that gathers around a made-from-scratch-but-also-fried buffet as often as possible (this is southern sterf if you are confused). A few knic-knacs about me: I love animals, or nature in general, so any opportunity I get to be around such things as nature I am most happy (hence I work at the Lemur Center. I love to sing! Especially Latin choral songs or poetic choral pieces. I also love to dance, especially swing dancing, and overall love things in the category of artsy-fartsy. I tend to ramble as you might notice in the rest of this bio. Religion is also a big love of mine and I hope to one day visit every major religious monument or temple in the world. Speaking of our big blue globe I love to travel! I have caught the indefinite wanderlust bug, meaning I want to travel all the time and be immersed in as many cultures as possible. Lastly (but not really, I am just trying to control the rambling) I love to meet new people and say hello and listen to stories, even if for just a temporary moment.​

Allison Rothschild

Hi everyone!  I’m Allison and I’m from the suburbs of Philadelphia.  I’m a freshman planning to major in Political Science and minor in Spanish.  In my free time I  play ultimate frisbee on Duke’s club women’s team which is super fun!  I love all desserts but especially coffee ice cream and may have eaten an entire container at 11 AM when the power went out…letting it melt would have been a tragedy.  I’m really excited to live in Brownstone next year and get to know all you awesome people better!

Sharon Fang

​Hi! My name is Sharon and I’m from Sin City Las Vegas (If you’re planning a trip to Vegas when you hit the big 2-1 let me know!) I’m deciding on majoring in Compsci and/or Economics and maybe minoring in music (I play piano). On campus I am involved with Club Tennis and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I love all kinds of sports (I’m horrible at soccer but I love running around chasing the ball) and playing board games! Come and talk to me! If you can’t find me, I’m probably off somewhere taking long, unnecessary naps.

Jeremy Lai

Hey I’m Jeremy! Hong Kong’s my home, where nightlife is vibrant and the day is fast-paced and packed; though on most days, you’d rarely see me awake past 11. Amidst the stress and chaos, I love to meet new friends, enjoy the sunshine, and soak up life.

I’ve been playing hide-and-seek with my majors and am currently settled with Neuroscience and Computer Science. Languages are also a huge interest of mine, and exploring countries is always rewarding to me.

My passion in muscle pain leads me to training for a triathlon, and messing around on the guitar is my ideal type of procrastinating.

So that’s a bit of me, hope to get to know you soon!

Eileen Cheng

Hi! My name is Eileen Cheng from ATL!! Hmm a little bit about me–I’m potentially majoring in Economics with a concentration in Finance and thinking about minoring in compsci. (obviously pretty undecided!) I love meeting new people and having chats over coffee is probably my favorite thing ever. Hmm…a little more about me–I love music and jamming, eating, going to the gym when im not lazy, and most of all…online shopping … :) :) :)

McKenzie Middlebrooks

Haaaaayyy there. My name is McKenzie Middlebrooks. I was born in Montgomery, Alabama and lived there all throughout the first eighteen years of my life.  I am in the class of 2017 and am currently clueless as to what I want to major in! I love to dance, and dance, and dance.  I’m a member of Defining Movement. Honestly, I would choose dance over sleep. I also love being outside and seeing lots of stars.

Interesting facts: I cannot whistle, I have three siblings (twin sisters age 4, and brother age 10), I love eating sardines, my favorite color is purple, I love to draw, I am really bad at sports. One of my favorite things to do is have great conversations and laughs with great people so any time you feel like chatting let me know! Wooo!

Shelley Wu

HELLO! My name is Shelley and I’ve lived in Taiwan for the last 12 years of my life! I have yet to decide on what to major in and am still in the midst of exploring, but I suppose that’s what college is all about! I love traveling and eating. Which one I enjoy more…I cannot say…I’d much rather be doing both simultaneously. I also played a lot of basketball and volleyball in high school so I’m always up for some pick-up games- although I must warn you, I’m pretty rusty. On campus, I’m involved with DUU, ProjectHEAL, TASA, and Club Basketball. Anyhow, I’m super excited to be a part of Brownstone and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Lizzy Knippler

Hi everyone! My name is Lizzy and in case you’re wondering, the K in my last name is NOT silent (gotta love that German pronunciation). I hail from the Northern Virginia/DC area and am double majoring in Global Health and Public Policy Studies. When I’m not gaining wisdom from the kindergarteners I tutor or writing blog posts about cool global health innovators at work, you might find me planning events for Partners In Health Engage, watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, running the Al Buehler, or eating TuesdayNight Dinner at the Catholic Center. My hobbies include hitting the snooze button at least three times, repeatedly stating how much I want a cat, having deep life chats, and getting lost in the gardens (figuratively and literally). I’ll be abroad this spring traveling to India, South Africa, and Brazil, but I look forward to meeting all the new Brownies in the fall (and stalking you on Facebook in the meantime)!

Hunter Hutchinson

Hey guys, I’m Hunter! I’m a freshman studying Biomedical Engineering and hoping to pursue the Genome Sciences & Policy certificate. I grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, and have loved Duke (and Duke basketball) my whole life. I love going to basketball games, hanging out in K-ville, and being involved in Duke Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). I have been pre-professionally trained in ballet and am continuing to pursue dance through Duke’s wonderful Dance Department. I am very passionate about health and leading an active lifestyle, and I enjoy exercising at the gym or at dance. When I’m not trekking up and down Science Drive or dancing, you can find me reading, drinking tea, listening to Pandora, watching Netflix, baking gluten-free goodies, or Instagramming. :)

Kei Yoshikoshi

Hi, my name is Kei and I’m an ECE/CS major from Japan. I’ve lived in four countries throughout my life, but I’ve lived in Singapore for over 10 years so I consider myself half Singaporean (that’s how it works, right?). Being in so many different regions of the world, I naturally grew to love travelling. My favorite places in each continent are Singapore, Vienna, Cape Town, California (west coast best coast), and Rotorua. I haven’t been to South America yet but I hope to soon, and if anyone can get me to Antarctica do let me know.

Other than that, I’m involved in Temptasians (an Asian-interest a cappella group), Japanese Culture Club, and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I love to sing/play my guitar and my favorite musicians are Imagine Dragons, Bastille, John Mayer, and Pentatonix. Making new friends is one of my passions so I hope I’ll get to know you soon!

Manish Nair

Greetings all.

My name is Manish. I am Canadian by birth, Indian by blood, and Singaporean by upbringing. I spent two years doing mandatory military service in Singapore before coming here to Duke, so I am older than most of my class. I am studying Biomedical Engineering and possibly Global Health, and hope to return to Singapore to work in healthcare policy upon graduation.

I love to play sports, especially soccer and cricket. I will always be down to play FIFA or watch a soccer game! I also enjoy reading fiction during my free time; in particular sci-fi and fantasy. Here at Duke, I am most involved with GlobeMed and Honor Council. I like to meet new people so stop me for a chat anytime.

Cade Netscher

Hey everyone! I’m Cade (sounds the same as the “cade” in arcade). I provided the pronunciation because when I meet people they think I say Kate and then it’s just awkward. Anyway! I’m from a small town in the great lands of the Midwest called Eureka, MO. I am Brownstone’s Treasurer, majoring in Neuroscience and getting a certificate in Markets and Management Studies. I basically love any sort of outdoor activity and am training for triathlons, so if you love exercising or just want to try it out, definitely hit me up! Also, I enjoy just chilling with people, watching movies, and doing random things. I’m super excited for rush and can’t wait to meet you all!!

Madhu Ganesh

Madhu Ganesh encompasses the living, breathing spirit of Brownstone. From her funky-fresh DefMo moves to her obsession with peacocks and paisley, I promise you one meeting with this mysterious temptress will not be enough. Of course, there is the matter of her bizarre sleeping positions, in which she seems to be doing yoga, her fancy collection of shot glasses, and her undying passion for changing majors. The good news is, this basically makes her an expert on everything so whether you want to discuss your love for In-N-Out Burger, So You Think You Can Dance, or Jon Stewart this saucy girl has got you covered. However, be warned she doesn’t believe in modern medicine so she might give you her multitude of tropical diseases. She also loves her large collection of stuffed animals, which she likes to pretend are real pets. Whether you find her hidden away in a dance studio or devouring a breakfast quesadilla, this charismatic beauty will leave you dazzled.

Jake Theios

Hello!  My name is Jake Theios, I’m from the beautiful wine country of Napa Valley, California! (if you have any questions about grape varietals, you can ask me, though your local BevMo cashier probably knows more than I do.) I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Economics and minoring in Cultural Anthropology (two very different subjects, but they keep me well-rounded).  Some random facts about me, I’m a total geek when it comes to movies and books, especially Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Lord of the Rings. I enjoy good Italian food, even though I’m greek (my name actually means god; no big deal). Oh and Olive Garden is great too (the mecca of mediocre family dining. If anyone wants to take a trip there I’m down!). Living in Brownstone is totally awesome and has been one of the best parts of my Duke experience.  I’m really excited to meet all of you and for what rush has in store!

Naveen Nath

Hey y’all I’m a sophomore from Des Moines, Iowa (greatest state in the union). I’m majoring in neuroscience and am on the club tennis team. I enjoy eating, going to the gym, playing tennis, and any other generally fun activity. Brownstone is a great group definitely check it out! Look forward to meeting y’all.

Stephen Hafferkamp

Hello! I am originally from Spokane, Washington, and rushed Brownstone last Spring. I am a senior who is majoring in Neuroscience, with aspirations to be an all-star professional basketball player and grammy winning rap artist, as well as a successful sports agent. In reality, I am a member of the amazing a cappella group Something Borrowed, Something Blue so I love singing, and enjoy playing pretty much any sport. My unhealthy obsessions include: Spiderman, cookie dough, the sport of running, watching popular youtube videos months after they were popular, not knowing the lyrics to pretty much any song that I claim to know by heart, and my family. I also love having conversations about literally anything (Duke Basketball, why the Shawshank Redemption sucks, Jesus Christ, etc.), albeit I can be incredibly awkward, so if you are willing to take the risk, come find me in section!!!

Santi Bejarano

Born in Colombia, South America, raised in the Sunshine State. Self-proclaimed beach-bum. Life quote is Hakuna Matata which was spoken by the great, wise Timone & Pumba. Life goal is to travel the world with my mother and brother doing Global Health work. Love music, like alot. Dancing is the only reason I still go to parties which is why you won’t see me at parties where no one is dancing. I don’t care if people don’t know how to dance, long as they’re still dancing/moving. I’ve been described as chill, laid back etc. I’m happy with it. Better to be known as chill than to be known as stuck-up or something. I’m Social Chair for Brownstone so if a party sucks, come to me it’s all my fault, and then let me know how to make it not suck. If a party’s sick then just know the next one will be even better. I dance for Sabrosura which is Duke’s Latin Dance group. It’s super fun and if you ever wanna learn salsa or any kind of Latin Dance let me know and I’ll help you out and we can go out Salsa dancing with the rest of Brownstone’s amazing dancers.

At Duke, I’m studying Global Health and Cultural Anthropology which really just means I love people but not like pansexual kind of love, more like “We are Family” kind of love. If you have any questions about Pre-Med, Global Health, or Culanth stuff let me know, I’d love to chat. Come by the room (J301) whenever, even if it’s not during rush events I’m usually home in the evenings and if I’m not home then my roommate Cade is a super genius and loves helping a brotha/sista out.

Bhavya Varma

Bhavya or Bhavs or Babybabybabybhabs has been a certified Brownstone member since the day she escaped the womb. She lives that vibrant pre-med lyfe, so obviously you can find her at Shooters almost every day…in your dreams. She’s pretty much already a doctor. Come to her with any illness and she probably has medicine or pills or dat purp (cough syrup) for it. I guess this makes her a pharmacy.

Things she will never do: run (even if violent villains are chasing her), walk, unless it’s absolutely necessary, wake up earlier than 2pm on weekends, navigate, and defy gravity.

Things she loves to do: win arguments, have conversations in Italian, dance around the halls in a towel, sing in the showers, and order from the Loop at 3am.

But be warned of her super power: one conversation is all she needs to find about your entire life.

PS. Ask her what #anklenowcankle means and you win a cash prize.


Brian Dorsey

Hi! My name is Brian Dorsey, I’m a junior mechanical engineer. I’m also on the varsity wrestling team, so most of my time is spent in E-quad, Wilson, and Brownstone section. I am from the greatest country in the US–Texas. Austin, more specifically. I love sports, music, making stuff, and Brownstone. I plan on earning my master of engineering degree at Duke immediately following undergrad.

Tze Kang Ng

Hello! My name is Tze Kang and I’m a sophomore from Singapore. I’m attempting to double major in electrical engineering and computer science, so although my room is conveniently located next to the brownstone entrance, you’ll have a better chance finding me in either the e quad or perkins fighting a losing battle against my ece/cs classes. I’m also on the swim team, so the rest of my waking hours are spent at swim practice in Taishoff pool. Other than that, I love food and exploring new places to eat off campus. I like to cook as well, because I find it satisfying to create a nice meal from scratch. But probably more because I just love eating. Other things about me, I enjoy watching and playing all kinds of sports, and have interests in photography and wines. I’m also a trained assassin in the Singapore military. Just kidding, but seriously though. Overall I’d like to think that I’m a approachable guy, so feel free to stop by and say hi!

Chrislyn Choo

Greetings! I’m a junior hailing from Princeton, NJ. With a Neuroscience major and Arts of the Moving Image certificate, I hope to spend my life exploring the art of visual storytelling. Maybe it’s because my initials are CCC (c^3), but I like to do things in three’s! Be it through photo/videography, music, or words, I love creative expression. Tritones are beautiful, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find me far from a camera, the latest Pentatonix release, or my beloved a cappella groups (Something Borrowed Something BlueTemptasians). I’m also involved with Duke Drive and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Random tidbits: I commentate excessively during movies, my hair has its own personality, and Loki Odinson is my favorite villain. I like to think that I have the “Humans of New York gene” for delighting in the colorful stories that define people…so, heads up! Conversations tend to get profound and personal pretty quickly with me. Get ready to exchange more than names during rush!

Medha Gudavalli

Hey everyone!  My name is Medha Gudavalli and I am a sophomore majoring in public policy with a minor in Spanish and pre-med. Im known for my pro-napping and plate dancing. Im currently a member of Lasya, Dukes and Duchesses, and Project Heal. If you’re semi-awkward I  am too and we will get along great :)

Jenna Freedman

Hellllllo! My name is Jenna Freedman and I am from the bright and sunny city of Weston, Florida! I am currently a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering (if you ever need to find me, a good place to check is Perkins…). Some random things about me, I love midnight dollar sundae trips, talking, midnight movie premiers, karaoke, and attending musicals (I can’t sing, so any aspirations I have ever had of being in one no longer exist). One of my many life goals is to one day compete on Amazing Race and of course win (Survivor used to be on this life goal list as well until I accepted that I probably wouldn’t survive). If you’re ever interested in hearing a good story, stop on by! I’ve actually been told how I’m such a great story teller and that I should get a twitter specifically for my stories. Last but not least, I absolutely love my Brownstone family and living in section. Well see you all soon and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Rebecca Brenner

Hey y’all! I’m a junior from Charlotte, NC double majoring in Neuroscience and Philosophy with a minor in Chemistry. I am one of those crazy, busy pre-meds you met on the first day at Duke. When I’m not doing art with children in the PACU, working in Dr. West’s neurobiology lab, writing my honors thesis or tutoring for Orgo, you will likely find me painting pianos or curating art exhibits for DUU VisArts. After a busy day, there is no better place to relax than Brownstone. I love having deep philosophical talks with my big, eating dorm dinner with my fellow brownies, and laughing non-stop at parties. As my friends know, I love to talk. Feel free to stop by single – the cubby – as it was affectionately nicknamed based on it’s endearing size!

Debbie Shim

Hi all! I’m Debbie, a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m studying Biology and Women’s Studies, and I just got back from an incredible fall semester abroad in Copenhagen! Outside of classes and Brownstone, you can find me working with FAC Board, getting dirty chai lattes at JVG, pretending to be studious at Perkins, or pretending to be athletic at Wilson. I love the full spectrum of food, Taylor Swift, reruns of Friends, and long chats over tea/coffee/wine. Last but not least, TEAM FEDERER. Anyways, I am so excited to be the new Brownstone president and can’t wait to get to know lots of you wonderful people at recruitment – swing by J401 anytime!!

Connor Hann

Hey Everyone! My name is Connor Hann, and I’m from the Virginia/DC area. I’m a sophomore double majoring in Physics and Math. (It’s more fun that it sounds, I promise!) In my spare time I do a lot of musicy things. I play a bunch of instruments, and I play in the Duke Wind Symphony and the Duke Saxophone Quartet. Early in high school I was converted from a couch potato to a cross country runner, so I love to go for runs too and am a part of the club running team. Other interesting facts: I love Jazz, Dinosaurs, Cosmology, and I do not like chocolate – I know. That’s wrong. I’m well aware that not liking chocolate makes me a heathen, un-American, etc… Anyway, I’m so excited and cannot wait to meet you all!

Georgia Parke

Hey hi hello! My name is Georgia and I am a junior from Vermont, though at Duke I’m here in North Carolina despite having lived in California, Illinois and Ohio prior. Clearly I like states, so it makes sense that I’m majoring in political science to better get to know the U.S. of A. and its governmental institutions. Please stop by if you’re a fan of The West Wing or House of Cards (or—unrelatedly but equally important—Gilmore Girls). If I’m not hanging in Brownstone you can assume I am at the Chronicle office, where I act as online editor and pretend I’m Rory Gilmore. Apart from journalism and politics, I dig ukuleles, Christmas lights, and those giant Toblerones you get at the airport.

Rebecca Passman

Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca Passman and I’m a sophomore majoring in biology. Come talk to me about Brownstone, The Office, The Mindy Project, The Food Network, Duke basketball, or anything else! I love living in Brownstone (come stop by J206!) and I am so excited to meet you during rush!

Andrew Jacobs

Hello, friends! I’m Andrew, a Brownie hailing from the white sandy shores of Long Island (read: lawwn-GUY-lind), New York. I’m a double major in Theater Studies and Public Policy, with a Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In my spare time, I enjoy blasting showtunes in section and participating in the arts on campus. I’m a member of Hoof ‘n’ Horn, Rhythm & Blue a cappella, and an executive member of duARTS, Duke’s umbrella organization for student arts groups on campus. PLEASE come check out Brownstone this year – it’s an absolute blast to live in the beautiful halls of Kilgo J with the funniest, sweetest, and most diverse kids on campus.

Max Stayman

Hey everyone! My name is Max Stayman, and I am a sophomore from Oakland, California. I am really interested in behavior, decision-making, and ethics as they relate to healthcare, so I am majoring in Public Policy and Psychology. I am really excited to start research with Dr. Day this January looking into ethics and comprehension in advanced directives! Outside of academics, I like to run, fish, listen to country music, swing dance, play sports, and just chill with friends. Brownstone is a pretty awesome place, and if you have any questions about it (or about Duke in general!) please reach out to me. Good luck with rush and finishing up your freshman year!

Trey Bagley

When Shakespeare wrote “I might call him / A thing divine, for nothing natural / I ever saw so noble”, it’s possible that he was thinking of Trey Bagley. No, actually, hang on, it’s definitely not. Scratch that.

An oneironaut with just a touch of anglophilia, Trey’s hobbies include stargazing, snacking, and pulling ideas out of the ether and into reality. He hails from Houston, TX, and his dream vacation destination is the International Space Station. He is a student of Computer Science and can often be found ripping his hair out, staring at a wall of code.

Nandita Singh

Hey y’all my name is Nandita Singh and I’m pursuing a Biology major with a Neurobio concentration. Aside from Brownstone, I’m involved with WHO speaks, DPS Global Health, DSG, and volunteering at the Hospice center. I was born and raised in Texas and am a loud, proud supporter of America’s team THE DALLAS COWBOYS. I enjoy Wingstop, Sunday night football, all things Bollywood, stalking Roshni Jain, Taylor Swift sing-alongs, playing basketball, and movie marathons. I can’t wait to meet all of y’all!


Eddie Chiou

Hey everyone! My name is Eddie and I’m a senior majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track! I’m repping the West Coast from Vancouver, Washington State! Aside from academics, I enjoy playing and watching sports especially basketball and tennis, eating, and just chilling with friends. I rushed Brownstone last year and it was definitely one of the best decisions I have made here at Duke! Definitely check out some of our events and come meet us all! We’re quite a diverse group of people so it’ll be fun! Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Detti Belina

Hey! My name is Detti and I’m from Silver Spring, Maryland. I’m a junior majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology and also studying pre-medicine. At Duke I enjoy working in my lab, going to the gym, playing occasional IM sports, and exploring Durham/hanging out with friends. Brownstone is a great community of fun, diverse people with a wide range of interests and I’ve really enjoyed living with them in my time at Duke. You should definitely check it out this spring!


Linde Liu

OHHAY. Linde Liu here. Feel free to call me Linde Loo Hoo. I hail from sunny southern California and basically, westcoastbestcoast. I’m studying electrical and computer engineering and playing with invisible forces makes me feel like a wizard. Just came back from a semester in France and have oh so many stories to tell. I like (MUSIC) (nature) (FOOD) (traveling) (FRIENDSHIP) so come by and chat (:


Naureen Huda

Hey! I’m Naureen. I don’t have any catchy nicknames because no one has ever been able to give me one that doesn’t sound like a disease, which is sad because I love giving people nicknames! Feel free to step up to the challenge. I’m currently in my junior year working toward a major in Chemistry and a minor in Spanish. When I’m not studying really, really small particles, I enjoy cooking, creative writing, watching documentaries, and doing Pilates/yoga. If there’s a documentary you want to see, I’m down to watch, or if you need a partner for Pilates classes at Wilson, just ask! Brownstone is home to some of the most genuine, accepting, and diverse people I’ve met at Duke, and I’m grateful to get to live with them!


Oriane Matthys

Hey guys! I’m Oriane Matthys and I’m from Santa Barbara, California (agree with Linde: westcoastbestcoast). I’m studying biomedical engineering and I just came back from a semester abroad, so if you’re interested in doing the same come talk to me! In my (essentially nonexistent) free time I enjoy catching up on Modern Family and Greys, having dance parties in David’s room (soon to be Sean’s room), and hanging out with my Bstoners!! Please come up and introduce yourself to me during rush–if you can make it up to the tower…


Mike Myers

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Countrywomen, and Cameron Crazies: Hello! People call me Mike, but you’re welcome to try to come up with a better nickname. I dare you to. Most attempts have heretofore been disastrously unsuccessful. You can find me in room 403 of the illustrious princess tower; I’m always down to sip tea and discuss some theater, art, philosophy, or board game strategy- or, like, everything all at once. I also love the outdoors. I’ve been trying for two and half years to organize a geocaching expedition here at Duke, and doggonit I will be successful before I graduate. Here’s where I shamelessly plug the Theater Studies play, in which I’m acting this semester (along with Top-Dog Thomas Kavanagh); catch it April 3-13.

Other things I like: feminism, Colorado, sports (in moderation), origami, fooood

Things I dislike: cats, meanies

I can’t wait to meet you! Hope you enjoy Brownstone!!!


Debbie Chi

Hello friends! My name is Debbie, and I’m a junior from Bethlehem, PA (Christmas City USA and the home of Peeps!) studying Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Concentration) and Religion. I really really enjoy eating chocolate, blueberry ice cream, and Taiwanese foods; sleeping; and rock climbing with Kristie (another Brownie)! Recently I’ve also discovered a fascination with the connections between samples and songs and an interest in foreign/indie-esque films. So if you have any favorites (movies or music), let me know and we can watch/listen to them together!


Mikayla Wickman

Hey guys! I’m a senior majoring in mechanical engineering, with a heart for Kenya. I have dual citizenship between Brownstone and the E-quad. A few things about me: I’m fluent in sarcasm, a Southern California girl born and raised, and a Bible study leader and active member of Duke Cru. I’m also pretty laid-back, candid, and always down for a good pun battle. Though I’m living off campus this year, I’m stoked to hang out in section and get to know everyone during Rush!


Chirag Vasavda

Hi! My name is Chirag (or Craig, depending on who you ask….) and I’m a senior from the SF Bay Area! I am majoring in Chemistry and Biology and minoring in Chinese. I spend a lot of time in my lab feeding my cells and tucking them into bed, but they’re my babies and I love them so it’s okay. I also love dancing and my defMo family, politics, tech, spending food points, espresso, lifting, and watching tv (but not like Bao – no one watches TV like my rooommate). I’m excited for my final rush (what) and to meet you!

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