Muir Woods

Muir Woods is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, in Marin County.  First through Sausalito, and up winding roads on National Forest land mountains, it’s the only old growth redwood forest left in the area.

The trails are boardwalks.  The area is forest-cool and smelling of redwoods  (or so I assume.  It does smell different than our NC pine forests.)  The sheer breadth and height of the trees is humbling.  Though difficult to convey in photos, I’ll do my best.

Boardwalk trail


Aren't we cute?

The redwoods make people look the size of ants.

John & Bob

Where the elves live

The concept of Redwood Burls is pretty interesting.  The trees form big clumps of seed pods, usually at the root line, but as in the photos below it can also form in other spots.

Video seems the best way to illustrate the height.

The Redwoods at Muir Woods (youtube)


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