Council Members

The  AGS Council is a select group of undergraduates who help advise the Director about programming, curriculum, and assist by coordinating events such as career nights, activities fairs, and other mentoring opportunities.

Check out our Council members’ recent publications and research below along with their LinkedIn profiles.

 AGS Council Members 2014-2015

Ray Li ’15 is from Philadelphia double majoring in Political Science and Public Policy with a minor in Education. He served two terms as Duke Student Government’s Vice-President for Academic Affairs and as a voting member of the Duke Board of Trustees’ Academic Affairs Committee. He has researched alternative curricula in Title I schools in NC with Project Bright Ideas and traveled to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa to study racial achievement gaps and school choice policy. Ray has student taught at the elementary and secondary levels in Durham Public Schools, mentored Durham high schoolers in an after school program, and worked as a tour guide for the Duke Admissions Office. He founded the Duke Political Review, the only student-run political publication on campus, and now serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief. Additionally, he is a member of the Duke Debate Team, American Grand Strategy Program Council, and the Connect2Politics Committee. For the past three summers, he has worked in DC as an intern for US Senator Casey (PA-D), the US Chamber of Commerce, and the education policy office of the US Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

Andrew Kragie ’15, from D.C., studies political science, public policy, and Latin America. He discovered dual interests in foreign policy and journalism during college, leading him to write for campus publications including Duke Political Review, the Chronicle, Towerview magazine, and the Duke Political Science Standard. He has emerged alive from three AGS classes: International Affairs with Dr. Peter Feaver, the Cold War with Dr. Hal Brands, and the AGS seminar with both professors.

Russell Crock ’15 is majoring in public policy and minoring in political science.  His primary foreign policy interest with the Middle East, and the Arab-Israeli conflict in particular. He also serves on the senior staff of the Duke Political Review and the social culture committee of Duke Student Government. Upon graduation, he hopes to pursue a career of policy research at any number of think tanks, but will take what he can get.

Jacob Zionce ’15 from Toronto, Canada and Charleston, South Carolina majoring in political science and minoring in Arabic literature. In addition to his service on the American Grand Strategy council, Jacob is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Duke Political Review and is a member of the Duke Board of Trustees, Duke Student Government, and the Duke University Debating Society. He has worked for Marty Morris, former Chief-of-Staff to Sen. Richard Lugar, Sen. Mark Warner’s re-election campaign, the Women’s Federation for World Peace’s Amman, Jordan branch, and the Middle East Media Research Institute. Jacob is currently writing a thesis on the role of international funding in Israeli primary campaigns, and plans on attending law school upon graduation.

Anand Raghuraman (co-chair) ‘15 is from Seattle, WA majoring in Political Science with a focus in international security. He served two years as the Co-Chair of the American Grand Strategy Undergraduate Council and Vice-President of the Duke Alexander Hamilton Society. Anand’s research interests include U.S. energy security and East Asian conflict prevention. He has worked with Professor Bruce Jentleson to draft profiles on Harry Truman, Dag Hammarskjold, and Jean Monnet for the upcoming book Transformational Statesmanship: Difficult, Possible, Necessary. Over the past three summers, Anand interned at the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs and traveled to Cairo and Kashmir to teach English to rural students. He has counseled Iraqi refugee families in Durham, mentored teens with chronic illnesses, and tutored local high school students in physics.

Ted Leonhardt ’15 is double majoring in History and Political Science. He is writing an honors thesis in history on the decision to undertake Operation Ajax, the 1953 CIA-orchestrated coup in Iran. Ted also co-authored a book about notable graduates of Groton School who served in the government titled Divine Fire: Groton School and the American Century. He is a member of Dukes and Duchesses and a Co-Chair of the Senior Gift Committee. After Duke, he will be working in investment banking.

Charles Jones ’16 is most keenly interested in the confluence of international business and U.S. foreign policy. With a focus on deregulation and the social politics of wealth, Jones has studied the privatization frenzy that spawned the oligarch class in post-Soviet Eastern Europe and the oil politics of the Middle East. Jones has worked in helicopter sales and strategy for an aerospace defense manufacturer as well as in financial services in the U.S. and abroad. At Duke, Jones chaired the Russian committee for the Duke International Security Conference and sits on the Executive Board of the Real Estate Club. Jones is a dual Georgia and New York City resident, member of the Duke Debate Team, licensed pilot, and graduate of Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts.

Christie Lawrence ’16 is majoring in public policy and double-minoring in Turkish Culture & Language and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies. Her research interests include U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and Turkey, the role of nationalism in politics, and refugee studies. Upon graduation from Duke, she hopes to pursue a career in government, politics, or political research.​

Emma Campbell-Mohn (co-chair) ’16 is pursuing dual majors in Political Science and Chinese with a minor in History. In addition to being President of the Duke Alexander Hamilton Society, she also serves as Co-Chair of the Duke Program on American Grand Strategy and Student Coordinator of the AGS D-Day Staff Ride, along with fellow Council member Adam Lemon. She applies her study of strategy to her research interests: Chinese defense policy and US counterterrorism operations. She previously worked for the Department of the Interior and the American Enterprise Institute as well as performed research for Professor Peter Feaver and Visiting Professor Tommy Sowers. In the brief moments when she is not discussing foreign policy, Emma enjoys playing with her dogs and fencing. After graduation, she hopes to continue her education and pursue a career working in the foreign policy and national security realm.

Luke Maier ’16 is studying foreign policy and environmental science.  His research focuses on environmental policy and computational modeling for national security.  Along with Dr. Tony Rivera, Luke helped found the Laboratory for Unconventional Conflict Analysis and Simulation—a joint research venture between National Defense University and Duke’s Social Science Research Institute.  He has studied abroad at the National University of Singapore and the University of Oxford.  Luke eventually aspires to go to graduate school and work in defense.

Julio Cesar ’16 is pursuing a double major in economics (with a finance concentration) and mathematics, with a minor in political science. He was a cadet First Sergeant in the U.S. Army JROTC Program. His research interests include: international monetary economics and the “Primat of Innenpolitik”. He is a senior summer associate at Octagon Consultant Group located in Puerto Rico.  Upon graduation, he hopes to attend law school or pursue graduate studies in economics.

Dana Raphael ’17  is majoring in Political Science and Chinese with a minor in Women’s Studies. She is involved in the Alexander Hamilton Society, serves as the Student Government Judiciary Associate Chief Justice, and is a member of the Duke Task Force on Sexual Assault Prevention. She also writes for the Duke Political Review, Develle Dish, and serves as an Undergraduate Writing Tutor.

Zach Gorwitz ’17 is hoping to study public policy and political science. At Duke, Zach serves on Duke Student Government, competes on the Duke Debate team, and writes for the Duke Political Review. After graduation, he hopes to either work at the intersection of the business and policy words or attend law school.

Lara Haft ’17 is planning to major in political science with minors in economics and women’s studies. Her research interests include domestic housing and education policy, international human rights law, and the role of human dignity in public policy. After graduation she plans to pursue further education in public policy or law.

Gautam Hathi ’17 is from Seattle, WA majoring in Computer Science. When not busy developing cool and useful software, he also enjoys learning about and discussing politics, policy, and international relations. Gautam is particularly interested in the intersection of technology and policy, India’s role in the world, and the Middle East. Gautam writes for the Duke Chronicle and the Duke Political Review. At Duke, Gautam is involved in the Duke International Relations Association and DukeMakers, Duke’s 3D printing club.

Adam Lemon ’17 is from the wilds outside of Spokane, Washington, and a dual major in Political Science and History with a minor in Russian Language. Adam is currently the Chair of the College Republicans, an officer in the Duke chapter of the Alexander Hamilton Society, and one of two student leaders in charge of the American Grand Strategy 2015 D-Day Staff Ride to Normandy. Adam speaks three languages, English, Spanish, and Russian. Adam possesses a strong affinity for Kissinger and historical works. After he graduates, he would like to work either abroad in the Foreign Service in Russia or Eastern Europe or at a conservative think-tank in Washington, DC.

Matthew King ’18​ is considering pursuing Program II (the focus: globalization through the ages) or a major in Political Science. His research interests include empire, genocide, modernization, and comparative education policies. King hopes to lead a fulfilling career in public service.​

Aron Rimanyi ’18 is considering a major in political science and potential minors in economics and mathematics. Aron has interned for a climate-change NGO in Switzerland and been a delegate for both the European Youth Parliament and the Swiss Youth Parliament. Aron is an A.B Duke Scholar and a Sasser Scholar, and his current research topic is the connection between early modern liberalism and Anti-Trinitarianism. After Duke, Aron hopes to pursue his studies or gain professional experience in Europe.

Amy Kramer ’18 is majoring in public policy studies with a concentration in American foreign policy.  She is also participating in the TISS Intelligence and National Security Studies consortium and is a cadet in the Duke Army ROTC program.  Her interests include national security and defense policy, terrorism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and American foreign policy in the greater Middle East, specifically relating to Iran and nuclear nonproliferation.  Amy is also a member of the bipartisan Duke Israel Public Affairs Committee.  After graduation, Amy hopes to pursue a civilian career in international consulting or policy making alongside military service in the US Army.


Marie-Claire “MC” Bousquette (co-chair) ’14 majored in political science with a concentration in international relations and a certificate in markets and management. Her research interests include national security and defense policy, terrorism, and civil-military relations. Following her graduation from Duke, she hopes to earn a Master’s degree in Accountancy and synthesize her knowledge into a finance and defense-oriented career path.

Daniel Strunk (co-chair) ’14 majored in political science and economics with a minor in psychology.  His research interests include U.S. Constitutional law, the rule of law, and international relations.  Upon graduation from Duke, he hopes to attend law school or pursue a Ph.D. in political science.

Stefani Jones ’14 majored in political science with a concentration in international relations. Her research interests include the role of international law, development, and genocide prevention in US foreign policy and grand strategy. Stefani is a member of Duke Student Government and the Duke debate team, and she would like to further her studies in either international law or public policy upon graduation.

Joyce Lau ’14 majored in math and history with a minor in economics. Her research interests include domestic education policy and Sino-American relations.  Upon graduation from Duke, she hopes to work in law, finance, or politics.

Bernadette Leblond ’14 majored in public policy and political science, with a concentration in International Relations. Her research interests include national security, foreign aid, and domestic educational policies. Upon graduation, she hopes to either obtain a master’s in Public Policy or pursue a government career.

Colin Scott ’14 majored in political science and history.  His research interests include the study of international relations, American foreign policy, and Cold War history. Upon graduation from Duke, he hopes to attend law school.

Olivia Wasteneys ’14 majored in political science with a concentration in international relations and a minor in Turkish. Her research interests include Turkey-EU relations, as well as the institution of Islam and its role within the Turkish state. After graduation she hopes to travel, teaching or doing research abroad, before returning to the U.S. to continue her studies in foreign policy.

Hong Zhu ’14 studied Economics, Public Policy, and Political Science. Her research interests include international development and economic policy. She hopes to pursue a career relating to policy research, economics, or law.

Anand Raghuraman (co-chair) ’15

Lawrence Nemeh ’15 

Ted Leonhardt  ’15 

Ray Li ’15

Jacob Zionce ’15 

Christie Lawrence ’16 

Emma Campbell-Mohn ’16

Julio Cesar ’16

Charles Jones ’16

Luke Maier ’16