AGS Summer Fellows Program

AGS Summer Fellows Program

The AGS Summer Fellows Program is designed to encourage undergraduate students who have demonstrated leadership and academic achievement to pursue a creative summer work plan related to the mission of the Duke Program in American Grand Strategy.  Fellows are funded with a stipend to support internships and distinctive research experiences.

2012 Fellows:



Bernadette Leblond worked for the Center for National Policy as a summer intern, which promotes research aimed at furthering sustainable security by developing new technologies and tools for policymakers.

My summer interning at a DC think tank allowed for me to make great contacts, experience and learn more about the careers I was interested in, and grow tremendously as a person. Coming back to Duke University, I am much more focused on what I am truly passionate about, and I am eager to use all of Duke’s resources to learn even more about America’s role and strategy now that I have partaken in it to a certain extent. Thank you American Grand Strategy! ” -Bernadette Leblond



Olivia Wasteneys spent the summer in Turkey studying the language, culture, and politics in the process of developing her senior Honor’s thesis.

One of the most rewarding parts of my trip to Turkey was the time I spent living with a Turkish friend’s family after classes ended. I spent four days in her village, and arrived just in time to celebrate the three day festival at the end of Ramzan, a holy month for Muslims in which they fat from sun-up to sun-down. I got to experience an important part of Muslim culture from inside, and learned a lot about the importance of both family and religion in Turkey. Here I am pictured with a pigeon that was handed to me upon arriving at a relative’s home where we carried out the Turkish tradition of kissing the hands of elders and eating baklava.” – Olivia Wasteneys

Daniel Strunk spent the entirety of his summer in London. He interned briefly with Friends of the Earth, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the largest grassroots environmental NGO in the United Kingom. Though he disagreed with the organization’s stances on many issues, it proved to be an educational and exploratory endeavor. He worked to hlpe the organization prepare for the Rio+20 Conference, which occurred in Rio de Janeiro this past June, directly relating to his interest in international relations and governmental policy. Besides shortly interning with FOE, Daniel also took a course at the LSE, interned for Oliver Wyman Management Consulting, and of course attended the 2012 Olympic Games.

 My time in London gave me a first hand look into the world of non-governmental organizations and policy advocacy. I learned skills regarding policy strategy and media relations that will serve me well in any future governmental career. Also, experiencing London during both the Queen’s Jubilee and 2012 Olympic Games was a once in a lifetime experience. Cheering for the U.S. Women’s Soccer team, watching the Men’s Individual Gymnastics Final–always with the Stars and Stripes in hand–was something I will always remember.” – Daniel Strunk



Stefani Jones interned at the Governance Studies Program at the Brookings Institution.  This internship provided her with the opportunity to further investigate conflict resolution, human rights, and peace studies.

My internship at the Brookings Institution provided me with the incredible opportunity to understand the intensive research and analysis that goes into making great policy. Thanks to AGS, I was able to learn from and work with some of the world’s most brilliant scholars–it was an experience I will never forget!” – Stefani Jones


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