Grand strategy: the plans developed by national leaders to confront global challenges and opportunities.


Why Study AGS at Duke?

At Duke we have distinctive strengths in political science and public policy, including a diversity of experience across the partisan divide, as well as a rich tradition of close collaboration with military and diplomatic history.  AGS is a signature program for Duke students interested in national security policymaking.

  • Summer Fellowships awarded to help fund summer internships or research opportunities related the American Grand Strategy
  • Exclusive opportunities to meet with prominent speakers in small group settings
  • Engage in field trips, simulations, battlefield staff rides, and other experiential learning opportunities
  • Become a part of our network of policy, national security, and political science alumni and experts


What is American Grand Strategy?

American grand strategy (AGS) is the collection of plans and policies by which the leadership of the United States mobilizes and deploys the country’s resources and capabilities, both military and non-military, to achieve its national goals.  Grand strategy exists in the real world of governing, whether it is carefully formulated and articulated in advance, or whether it evolves ad hoc out of the world-views, predilections, and subjectivities of those who govern.  Grand Strategy bridges political science, public policy, history, and economics — and links academia with the world of policy-making.