a rhizomatic approach to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

about project



gilles deleuze and félix guattari use the botanical rhizome in the space of critical theory and philosophy. from a synthesis of deleuze and guattari’s work and understanding of the rhizome, it seems a rather prevalent concept, the rhizome. through analysis of intertextuality, intermedia and interdisciplinarity, it becomes apparent that, at their core, these areas are rather rhizomatic. deleuze and guattari use the rhizome to critique arborescent and binary modes of thought, state philosophy, systems of hierarchy, freudian psychoanalysis, fascism, and so on…and while such critiques hold true, the rhizome is further proposed as an approach to any/every-thing: allowing for more in-depth understandings of how things are (related). while this project is an intertextual, intermedia, and interdisciplinary endeavor, it is more importantly a rhizomatic one. a rhizomatic approach to _______. creates a space in which connection, empathy and relationality surface. the project becomes a marriage of critical theory and creative practice, an incarnation of the rhizome in other media.



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